March 31, 2021
Christian Biron
Spigot Launches Its Employee Volunteer Program
Spigot believes that it’s important for its employees to become involved and engaged within their communities. One way that our employees give back to their communities is by volunteering with programs that positively impact others’ quality of life. To help support our employees in helping out the community they live in, we have recently launched a new Employee Volunteer Program that allows Spigot employees to take paid time off for volunteering.
November 16, 2019
Christian Biron
Spigot, Inc.’s Ben Tucker Inspires Entrepreneurial Students at FGCU Campus
A few weeks ago one of  FGCU’s  Entrepreneurial class came for a tour of Spigot, Inc. and got the opportunity to listen to Ben Tucker, Elina Terenteyva and Shayna Paolucci speak about our company culture, the reasons we’re successful as a company (and individuals) and what it took for us to get here. The students and professor loved it so much that they asked Ben to come to one of the Senior Level classes and speak to students graduating about Spigot, Inc. and advice on how to have a successful future.
October 10, 2019
Christian Biron
Spigot, Inc.’s, Ben Tucker, Speaks with FGCU Entrepreneurial Class
This morning one of FGCU’s Entrepreneurial classes came for a field trip at Spigot, Inc. and got the opportunity to listen to a few employees speak about their journey to their success and position in the company. Elina Terentyva began the conversation by telling them about her background in graphic design, branding and redesigning the company logo. Hands raised all around the room – students asked a bunch of great questions about graphic design and company rebranding. After Elina spoke – Ben Tucker, Manager of our Search Privacy Team spoke with the students about being successful and the mindset needed to reach their entrepreneurial and personal goals.