October 10, 2019
Christian Biron

Spigot, Inc.’s, Ben Tucker, Speaks with FGCU Entrepreneurial Class

This morning one of FGCU’s Entrepreneurial classes came for a field trip at Spigot, Inc. and got the opportunity to listen to a few employees speak about their journey to their success and position in the company. Elina Terentyva began the conversation by telling them about her background in graphic design, branding and redesigning the company logo. Hands raised all around the room – students asked a bunch of great questions about graphic design and company rebranding. After Elina spoke – Ben Tucker, Manager of our Search Privacy Team spoke with the students about being successful and the mindset needed to reach their entrepreneurial and personal goals.

He spoke about his management style and how the employees he manages are not just colleagues, but we all take care of one another. We all work together to accomplish the same goals and have a team mind-set. He spoke about our bonuses at Spigot, Inc. and how they are all based on one goal – and as a team, we all have effect on that. This incentives us to help one another and to hire leaders. He told the students; when you are looking for a job – look for culture and ask yourself, “Will this position help be to become a leader?”

Ben taught the students about our start up mentality and keeping a small tenacious mindset. Instead of thinking I want to make a million dollars – instead say, “How do I make my first dollar?” and scale out from there. He talked about the hard stuff that most people don’t tell you, that there WILL be hardships, money loss and mistakes. He spoke from personal experience and told students about his mistakes along the way, and how much he learned from them. He advised students to always keep the mindset of, “how do I get to the next level?” and even after a set back – you’ll always bounce back.

Ben told the room that they can’t care about other people’s opinions because he had people that doubted him and it drove him to prove them wrong. He said, “remember it’s not the money you make, but it’s the experience it gave you.” He told them you have to ask yourself, “When is the right time to take a risk and trust yourself”  because if he hadn’t – he wouldn’t be where he is today.

In closing Ben encouraged the students to be a sponge, to learn as much as they can and always keep the Spigot, Inc. mentality!

Overall, today was a great learning experience for everyone involved! The students came out of our conference room inspired. We are extremely grateful to have such caring leaders in our organization that challenge their employees, help them grow and have a team mindset. We are also grateful for our awesome relationship with FGCU and the opportunity we are given to partner with them and hire talented interns and graduates!