Careers At Spigot

Individuals with an openness to fresh ideas and an entrepreneurial mindset thrive in our environment. We structure the organization so every employee can make an impact. Each team runs as its own business unit, this allows individuals the opportunity to share ideas, make decisions, and ultimately contribute to the bottom line of our business. Employee happiness and success are the main priorities, and we invest in our people and make sure they are on the path to growth.

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Recent Awards And Recognition

At our organization, we cherish our accomplishments. These milestones serve as a testament to the positive impact we create in society. They also reflect the unwavering dedication of our remarkable employees. Together, we celebrate our journey of excellence and the meaningful difference we make every day.

Perks Of Working At Spigot


Paid Healthcare

100% company paid medical, dental, and vision insurance


Competitive 401K

Competitive 401K matching and retirement plan


Unlimited Vacation

Work life balance


Catered Lunches

Spigot provides free lunch in the office

Employee Spotlight

All of our team members are given the opportunity to take big risks and make mistakes. We focus more on progress and less on process. Taking risks and innovative thinking fuel our success. Our management approach is to optimize for creative and competitive thinkers.