March 31, 2021
Christian Biron

Spigot Launches Its Employee Volunteer Program

Spigot believes that it’s important for its employees to become involved and engaged within their communities. One way that our employees give back to their communities is by volunteering with programs that positively impact others’ quality of life.

To help support our employees in helping out the community they live in, we have recently launched a new Employee Volunteer Program that allows Spigot employees to take paid time off for volunteering.

Why Did Spigot Implement a Volunteer Program?

In addition to getting our employees involved in their communities, we also recognize that people may have specific charities or organizations that they have a personal connection with. Spigot believes that this volunteer program will both enable and encourage people to get involved in organization of their choice, rather than one chosen by the company.

Instead of organizing company-wide volunteering days, we believe that this type of volunteer program will give our employees the freedom to chose how they give back to their communities and the organizations within them.