July 11, 2024
Erin Fay
Spigot Names Veteran Digital Executive Deniz Gezgin as New CEO
Exciting News at Spigot! We are thrilled to announce that Deniz Gezgin has joined us as our new CEO at Spigot. With a wealth of experience as a veteran digital executive, Deniz brings a deep understanding of our industry and a proven track record of driving innovation and growth.
January 11, 2024
Erin Fay
10 Quotes to Start YOUR Year
As we step into a new year, it's an opportune moment for reflection and renewal. In this article, we delve into the profound insights of some of history's great minds, encapsulated in timeless quotes that continue to resonate. From Steve Jobs' call to align passion with work to C.S. Lewis's reminder that age should never hinder aspirations, each quote serves as a guiding light for the journey ahead. Renowned figures like Albert Einstein, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill contribute perspectives on facing challenges with resilience, overcoming self-doubt, and embracing the ongoing nature of success. The power of choice is emphasized by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Muhammad Ali urges us to focus on the quality of our days. Peter Drucker's wisdom encourages proactive steps in creating our future. As we absorb these words of wisdom, may they inspire us to navigate the upcoming year with purpose, courage, and the determination to shape our own destinies.
December 18, 2023
Erin Fay
Spigot’s Swanky Speakeasy Holiday Bash
Step back in time to the roaring '20s with Spigot's Swanky Speakeasy Holiday Bash, a night that unfolded in a secret location filled with jazz, glamour, and festive delights. Amidst the vintage allure, guests reveled in the enchanting melodies of a saxophone player, posed with a classic Model T car, and indulged in the culinary masterpiece of a seafood tower. The party didn't stop there – transitioning to downtown Fort Myers' Sky Bar, the celebration continued against a backdrop of city lights and a flowing river. Spigot's commitment to non-stop festivities ensured that this holiday soirée was not just an event but an unforgettable experience where the magic of the past seamlessly blended with the contemporary allure of the present.
November 7, 2023
Erin Fay
Spigot Summer Games 2023
Spigot Games 2023, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Florida's stunning FMB beach, was a day filled with camaraderie, fun, and fierce competition. This year, the event took on a Survivor-themed twist, adding an extra layer of excitement. Teams embarked on a thrilling scavenger hunt, followed by a heart-pounding obstacle course that tested their physical and problem-solving skills. From hilarious games like musical flip cup to a jell-o shot spoons challenge, participants showcased their skills and had a blast. Yo Taco kept the energy high with mouthwatering food, and in the end, Spigot's Digital Media team emerged as the champions. The Spigot Games are an annual tradition that strengthens bonds and provides employees with a fantastic opportunity to unwind and have fun. Stay tuned for next year's event!