August 4, 2023
Erin Fay

Spigot's Scorching Wing Challenge

Calling all spice enthusiasts! Today at Spigot we took on the exhilarating and fiery hot wing challenge. There were six brave souls who chose to participate: Ben, Davin, Erin, Jamie, Jon, and Rabi. As they gathered around the table, little did they know the heat-packed rollercoaster that awaited them.

The rules were simple: five wings, ranging from hot to inferno, and each contender had to devour the entire wing to move on to the next round. We added a pickle chip that was covered in a homemade mixture of the hottest sauces and if there was a tie, we had a tortilla chip that was so hot it was sure to eliminate contestants. As they gathered around the table, anticipation was palpable. Who would emerge victorious and claim the coveted trophy?

Round 1: The Warm-Up

They began with the “Hot” wing, which gave them a tantalizing preview of the spiciness to come. Some handled it with ease, while others felt the burn, but all pushed through with grit and determination.

Round 2: Cranking Up the Heat

Next came the “Suicide” wing, intensifying the challenge. Some began to sweat as the competition started to heat up (quite literally). Still, no one backed down, determined to showcase their mettle in the face of heat-induced adversity.

Round 3: Embracing the Flames

As they moved on to the “Killer” wing, the game became even more intense. Gasps, chugging water, and nervous laughter filled the air. Everyone left was feeling the burn now, but the thought of giving up and losing wasn’t in the books…yet.

Round 4: Navigating the Spice

The “Death” wing posed an entirely new level of challenge. At this point, taste buds were nearly overwhelmed, and some participants showed signs of reaching their limits. Jamie took one bite and despite her best efforts, she could no longer take the spice.

Round 5: The Evil Pickle

Amidst the sizzling intensity of the hot wing challenge, we introduced a surprise round — a spicy pickle soaked in a mixture of the hottest hot sauces! As we took on this unexpected twist, the heat reached unprecedented levels. One by one, we battled through the scorching heat, but it was Ben who fell victim to the overwhelming combination of spices. The spicy pickle round was the tipping point for everyone else who thought they were going to make it to the end.

Round 6: The Final Showdown

Dubbed “Shut Up,” an intimidating sauce that few have dared to conquer. As the sauce was placed on the table, a potent aroma filled the air, causing Jon and Davin to back away instantly. The sheer intensity of “Shut Up” was enough to send them packing from the challenge. However, Rabi and Erin stood their ground, refusing to let fear hold them back. With unwavering determination, they took on the “Shut Up” sauce, and as beads of sweat formed on their brows, it was evident they were experiencing a level of heat like never before. The “Shut Up” round became a true test of courage, and with Jon and Davin out of the running, it all came down to Rabi and Erin as they fought their way to the final showdown.

Tiebreaker: The Homemade One Chip Challenge

The moment of truth had arrived. Rabi and Erin stood as the last two contenders, ready to face the ultimate battle of spice. A tiebreaker was in order. Inspired by the legendary One Chip Challenge, we received a homemade super-spicy chip, unleashing a beastly level of heat. The wing restaurant warned against letting a single person eat the entire chip, but Rabi and Erin took a deep breath and dove in. They battled through searing agony to reach the finish line.

Victory and the Crown

In the end, after an epic display of determination, Rabi emerged as the champion, proudly clutching the trophy. But let’s not forget the efforts of each participant; they all faced the scorching flames head-on and showed extraordinary courage.

The Spigot Hot Wing Challenge was a roaring success, and it taught us all a valuable lesson: in the face of trials, both big and small, it’s our spirit and togetherness that carry us through. So, here’s to the next challenge and the next spicy escapade that life brings our way!

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