August 2, 2022
Erin Fay

WFH... Is It For Everyone?

Working from home has always been a thing but no one really hopped on board until Covid hit. According to, it became a growing trend with a 173 percent increase to working from home. Now more and more companies plan to allow a full-time WFH situation and there are many reasons why.

First off, people work harder when they are working from home. They are not taking hour long lunches or coffee breaks to talk to people around the office. Not to say people are not taking breaks anymore, they are but they are shorter and more direct.

Working from home is also helping people with their work-life balance. People that work a normal 9–5 have difficulty maintaining a good work-life balance. When they work from home, they can have a flexible schedule and it allows them to get things done during the day instead of having to wait to do them when they get home. This allows people to spend more time to do what they enjoy once they get home and spend more time with their families.

One of the biggest pro’s of working from home is the decrease in stress. Many employees’ states that they feel more relaxed and can concentrate on the work they need to get done. Some people don’t enjoy the social aspect of going into the office and they rather sit at their desk and get their job done. While others love going around and talking to their coworkers to calibrate on projects.

BUT, working from home isn’t all positive. When Covid began and the move to working from home started, people were terrified. Companies were dropping employees like flies. This caused people to work in fear which led to exhaustion and many people got burned out.

People also felt as though they didn’t have a way out of their home life. Since everything shut down, that meant no schools in session and their spouse’s jobs could’ve been shut down too. Trying to handle a five-year-old and attend meetings is a very hard task. People were stressed and this took a toll on their mental health. Not to mention the fact that they couldn’t see anyone outside of their families, so it is hard to talk to someone about the struggles when all you have to talk to are the people causing the stress.

Working from home was something very few people did before the pandemic, but it has grown immensely. There are pros and cons to WFH, but majority of people and companies love it. It will be interesting to see if more and more companies start moving towards WFH and shutting down their offices completely or if we eventually will go back into office.

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