April 25, 2022
Erin Fay

Secret to Getting The Most Views On Instagram

Some people use Instagram to scroll through memes and reels so they can send them to friends while others are trying to create a platform. Maybe you want to show off your new outfit or your vacation photos, or maybe you want to start a baking page! Whatever you are posting, you obviously want it to reach as many people as possible.

Ever wonder why one photo you posted got more view versus one you posted in the past? Believe it or not, there is a science to it all. Everything has to do with timing. We’re talking day, time, all the way down to the hour. It also depends on what kind of content your posting. Who would think there is so much that goes into posting on social media??

What time should you be posting?

Depending on who you ask, the answer will vary but a study done by Compare The Market found that Instagram users tend to be scrolling right after leaving work- some on their way home. They recommend that you post your photo between 4:30pm-6:30pm during the week.

Influencer Marketing Hub has done their own research and suggest that users should post at different times depending on the day. For example, post at 11am on Wednesday, 2pm-3pm on Thursday and 10am on Fridays.

Content vs. Compelling Content

Another key to getting the most views on your Instagram post is making sure you are providing compelling content. Influencers are constantly posting everything they are doing but most of us could care less. We tend to pay more attention to those who are posting content that grabs our attention. People will skip over a story of you brushing your teeth but might stick around to watch the tutorial of how to make a peach cobbler. Long story short, don’t post content for the sake of posting. That can end up in lessening the amount of followers you have and then you will have to focus on not only prime posting time but also how to gain your followers back!

Some ideas of compelling content include:

Your morning routine

DIY Projects

Inspiring quotes

Cute pets

A work in progress

Tips from the pros

Not everyone will share their success secrets when it comes to social media but here’s a few we found on Stormlikes that can be helpful!

  • Change your Instagram profile to a business profile so you are able to view insights and boots post for greater exposure.
  • Post a variety of content- photos, videos and carousels.
  • Create your own branded hashtag such as #spigot .
  • Depending on what you are using your platform for- start an Instagram competition! Everyone loves to win and people will begin sharing your profile which will gain you more views and followers.
  • Follow influencers and big brands. Influencers and big brands have content creators who are constantly keeping up with trends and pushing out the latest content for their employers page. Make it easy on your self and just mimic what they’re putting out there! If Addison Rae post a picture of her eating watermelon by the pool with the hashtag #fruitbythepool , its your turn to post a picture with the same hashtag. People will follow this hashtag your post will be included in this group.

There is a lot more that goes into social media other than just posting and liking. The people who do this for their career are following the trends and constantly trying to figure out how the algorithm works so they can get the most views. If you are trying to up your Instagram game, try these tricks out and watch your views rise!

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