January 19, 2022
Erin Fay

2022 Work Advice

Welcome to 2022! I think we're all thinking the same thing…2022 ALREADY??? January 21st, 2020, covid came to the US and the whole world shut down. The plan was to shut down for a few months and get back to normal, but we are now in 2022 experiencing new strains and some parts of the world are completely shut down still. There is now a new normal and every state and country has their own take on it. If you live in Florida, things feel normal except having to wear mask in certain places such as the doctor’s office. But if you live in New York, restaurants and schools are still experiencing shutdowns. This makes for a stressful personal life but not to mention the extra stress on top of normal workday stress. Many people are experiencing different situations. Do you work from home? Do you work in the office? If you work in the office, what are you supposed to do- can you even sit together and eat lunch anymore? Many people are feeling overwhelmed with all the change, and they are mentally shutting down or even quitting their jobs. So, what do we do when we are faced with these challenges?

One therapist stated that it's better to do something rather than nothing when you begin feeling overwhelmed in this new world- you have had to adapt. People feel like there is too much they cannot control so they avoid everything all together to temporarily feel better. For example, say you have three projects coming up and rather than to just push them off to the side and tell yourself you will deal with it another day, think about what you have the energy to work on today. What task would alleviate the most stress if you completed it? “Start there”, says Shannon Garcia a psychotherapist at States of Wellness Counseling. That way you get one thing off your list, you will feel like you have completed something for the day, and you will be able to continue this way until all three projects are completed.

The next step is to set a system for to-do list. Some people like doing a today to-do list, this week to-do list or even a longer-term to-do list. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the task, it helps to break it up, so it becomes more manageable. Once you have your list just focus on one task at a time and some people it helps them to focus on the hour and moment, they’re in. We cannot predict the future and it doesn’t help us to worry about what is coming next so just be present in the moment you’re in and get done what you need to get done.

People are struggling with everything covid has caused and people are dealing with the trauma in different ways. Your coworkers are not mind readers. They do not know what you are going through, and they will not know how to show you support if you do not communicate how you feel. If you give your team the chance to support you, you will feel empowered, and the uncertainty and anxiety will disappear.

It is important to remember that communication is key whether it be in your personal or work life. If you receive an email from someone and you feel that it is short and you think they are upset with you, instead of avoiding the conflict or responding with attitude, ask if they have a minute to facetime/zoom or even a phone call. Most of the time written word can be taken differently than what the writer meant by it. It will also give the writer of the email a learning opportunity to know how their emails are coming across and maybe not how they wrote them to sound like. The perceived conflict can be solved quickly with just the two-minute phone call or facetime, and no one will have to wonder what someone meant.

The final and most important take away is to always choose yourself. Companies care about the health and safety of their employees, and this is becoming truer during these times. If you need to take a day off to recharge, do it! The project will still be there on Monday, and you can complete it then. If taking a long weekend helps you refresh and produce better work, then your employer will allow it. As a human, you need rest but don’t spend your time off sleeping all day. Find a hobby or something you enjoy doing just because you enjoy doing it! “You do not need to monetize your joy” says Tanisha M. Ranger who is a licensed clinical psychologist.

Here at Spigot, we care about our employees and lean heavily on the thought process of work hard, play hard. We understand that covid has taken a toll on many people’s lives and we are here to support our employees. If you’re interested in getting an internship or a job with Spigot, were hiring!! Spigot, Inc. has an amazing culture with a laid-back fun work environment. We offer amazing benefits such as 100$ Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance paid, 401k Match, Unlimited Vacation Days, and FREE LUNCH & snacks. Send your resume to careers@spigot.com for review! Check out all of our adventures on the Spigot Inc blog. Be sure to follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Instagram… like us on Facebook and never miss out on the Spigot, Inc. lifestyle!