November 5, 2021
Erin Fay

Intern To Leader

At Spigot we love to invest in our employees and help them grow into what they want to be in their career. A perfect example of this is Jordin. Jordin started as an intern for Spigot back in October 2018 and has now become the team lead of Android engineering. I sat down with him and asked him a few questions about his internship and his time at Spigot.

Where did you go to college and what is your degree in?

Jordin went to Florida Gulf Coast University and got his bachelor’s degree in software engineering. He graduated in 2020.

How did you start at Spigot?

There was an internship fair at FGCU and Jordin was walking around talking to different companies. He came across our table and started talking to Shayna about what his interest were and what he was going to school for. He said he felt like everything just clicked when he was talking to us about our opportunities and culture. He then became an intern until he graduated from FGCU but he said after the first 6 months, he didn’t feel like he was just an intern. He was able to contribute to the team in major ways and felt more like a part time employee.

When did you realize that you wanted to become a full-time employee of Spigot?

Jordin realized he wanted to become a full-time employee of Spigot not too long after he began his internship. He said during his internship he found “People get paid to have fun here” and loved the culture. He said that most companies go through the honeymoon phase with employees, but he felt that Spigot continued to be great and continued to care about him learning the industry. He enjoyed his internship because he was able to learn firsthand from people who have been in the industry for a while, and it was more than the basic knowledge you get from school. “Spigot invested time and put effort into teaching me”, Jordin says.

What is your favorite thing about Spigot?

His favorite thing about Spigot is our culture. The fact that Spigot is a large company, but we still have a small company/ start-up vibe. He said that even as an intern he felt there were very little barriers, and he was free to give his opinions and ideas and they were taken into consideration. They weren’t always accepted but they were never brushed off by someone. Jordin loved the feeling of being able to make a major impact within the company which is not something interns are able to do at other companies.

What is your current role at Spigot? How did you get there?

Jordin is now the team lead of android engineering. He began as an intern for software engineering and was just working on basic webpages and data collection programs. Six months into his internship he began working on android launchers. Once he graduated from college he was brought on full time as a software engineer and a 14 months later because the team lead!

What is your end goal?

Jordin would love to eventually run his own company since he enjoys entrepreneurship. He likes being in a leadership role and looks up to Danny who is our CTO. Jordin says, “Eventually he wants to be the guy with all the knowledge and the one people are able to go to with any product related questions and ideas.”.

What is a highlight of your time at Spigot?

During his time at Spigot, the mobile team hit a major goal. Once they hit this milestone, they celebrated in the office by popping champagne and going down to Fort Myers Beach. There, the team rented Jet Skis for the day! He said, “It felt like his team just won the championship everyone was so excited.”

Any advice you would pass on to people thinking about getting an internship?

“Doing something is better than just sitting around thinking about doing something”, Jordin says. He said you can do anything you’re interested in but to make sure you have side projects and are trying to learn things that are outside of your schoolwork. That stands out to employers and helps you in the long run.

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