March 23, 2020
Christian Biron

Spigot, Inc. & Sister Company, Eightpoint Technologies, Are in the BEST Locations for Working From Home

Collaboration is a huge key to success in our organization so working from home the past few weeks has been stressful for some Spigot, Inc. employees – BUT we’re all making the best of it. Spigot, Inc. and Eightpoint Technologies are in prime tropical locations, so working outdoors on our patios is a really fun change of pace for some! As you can see in the cover photo, an employee from our sister company even set up a hammock! Many of us have the opportunity to work by the pool, in the backyard or even by the ocean. As stressful as this time is, Spigot, Inc. is extremely fortunate to have the ability to work from their home in this beautiful weather AND our business is all online. This means we are still able to conduct business AND collaborate over Zoom & Slack.

If you follow our blog – you know Spigot, Inc. (and Eightpoint) both have a ton of games in their offices for breaks and fortunately some Spigot, Inc. employees also have those at home! Social distancing is difficult – and Spigot, Inc. is a tight knit company, so we definitely miss one another, but it seems like everyone agrees – it has been great to spend time with family (and pets, and small assistants), cook at home and just relax.

For anyone that is SUPER bored at home, Spigot, Inc. will be posted fun/unique things to do while at home, as well as what our employees are doing in the upcoming weeks! We’re not sure when our offices will be open again, as we want to do our part to help stop the spread of this virus – BUT we are still hiring, and will keep everyone posted!

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