March 5, 2020
Christian Biron

Spigot, Inc. Wishes Megan Well!

Spigot, Inc. has an extremely unique culture in many different aspects – it’s part of our success and the main reason for our employee happiness and low turn-over. Hard work, dedication and risk taking really go along way here. One of our employees, Megan Wells is starting a new chapter of her life – and we all got to wish her well today! It is definitely a really cool story and a great example of the culture and mindset here at Spigot, Inc. so we thought we’d share!

Megan’s career at Spigot started when she was brought on as our admin to help with the day to day shenanigans. She graduated early from FGCU with an economics degree and had a desire to help out on the finance team. Megan took the initiative and sought a role on the finance team. Initially she lent a helping hand on some projects that the finance team had been working on and quickly proved her exemplary attention to detail and drive to learn (all while maintaining her other full time admin position). 

In just 2 months Megan created a role for herself that didn’t even exist yet! In a very short time, she gained enough experience in the financial analyst realm to follow her dream of living in California and seek opportunities there. Her drive, passion, and fearless risk taking allotted her the opportunity to not only move to the team in which she desired, but help take her career to the next level.

We will miss Megan very much, but no matter what we know she is going to do great things!

If you want to be a part of a culture that really values their employees, has a ton of room for upward mobility and is just overall fun – Spigot, Inc. would love to talk to you!

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