February 11, 2020
Christian Biron

Spigot, Inc. Dietbet & Steps Challenge Winners Announced!

Spigot, Inc.’s New Year 2020 weight-loss and step challenge was extremely fun AND successful! Spigot, Inc. employees are DRIVEN by competition, so it was easy for us to stick to our goals and try to beat out our co-workers. Winners were announced last week and the results are amazing!

The winners (Yes winners, there was a tie!), Emil Ignat & Robert Stefan, are from our Spigot, Inc. office in Romania! Both coming in at 7.8% fat lost in just 4 weeks! Our step challenge winner was Renan Ueno, coming in with 478,755 total steps! All three winners got 100$ gift cards!

Spigot, Inc. employees are looking forward to our next “team event/challenge,” our 5k on February 28th AND loved the dietbet so much, that we will be doing another round soon!

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