January 23, 2020
Christian Biron

What’s The “New Facebook”?

After four major redesigns, Facebook is now pushing out a massive “make over” called The New Facebook.

Facebook’s new look will be more contemporary, more bright and less cluttered. Last year’s hottest trend, Dark Mode, will also be available to the users.

Groups will be prioritised and Groups Tab will be improved, so finding new groups will be much easier!

Although users cannot force the update, it is said that Facebook has begun giving some users access to the redesigned desktop version.

According to Pocket-Lint, “If you sign in to the Facebook website from your browser and receive this alert, you’ll need to consent to the trial. Facebook will then switch on the interface update and let you choose between a white background with bright icons or a dark mode. Facebook is also reportedly offering you the option to switch back to the old Facebook design at any time.”

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