January 20, 2020
Christian Biron

Spigot, Inc. All Company Meeting Provides Full Transparency Once a Quarter

Once a quarter Spigot, Inc. employees all gather in our big conference room (that we’ve already outgrown!) to get a company update “All hands on deck” meeting. The meeting is run by Spigot, Inc. CEO, Ryan Stephens. He starts out by explaining (and showing slides) of the company structure and telling our story for all of the new employees who haven’t heard it and a refresher for the veterans. He then goes into our earnings for the past quarter (and this time year of 2019), where we are at in terms of hitting our goals, what are future products and strategies look like and what our goals and projections are for the next year and quarter. 

This quarterly meeting provides Spigot, Inc. employees with FULL transparency on where our business stands and where we are headed and also gives employees the opportunity to ask questions. The Spigot, Inc. Executive Management team is extremely open and honest with us and Ryan even about how we are an internet company and the internet is ALWAYS changing, so we never stop building and we always stay ahead of the curve. He also touches on how great the organization is, and how thankful he is for the people contributing to our success.

Overall – it’s an extremely productive, insiteful and important meeting for Spigot, Inc. Spigot, Inc. employees all agree – it’s great to work for a company where full transparency, respect and gratitude are highly valued. We even get to hop on a call with all our sister companies around the world for a quick update as well!

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