January 17, 2020
Christian Biron

ANNND the Spigot, Inc. Weight-loss and Step Challenge Week 1 & 2 Results are In!

Spigot, Inc.’s New Year 2020 weight-loss and step challenge has been fun AND successful! Spigot, Inc. employees are DRIVEN by competition, so it’s been easy for us to stick to our goals and try to beat out our co-workers. Our week 1 winners are Meena Valisekka & Chris Kendig, Chris lost 6.78% of his body weight and Meena walked 81,157 steps! This weeks winners are Adrian Racu (All the way from Romania – and why he’s not pictured!) he lost 2.1% of his body weight this week and Matt Martinez won our step challenge with 135, 667 steps this week! Check out the 2nd & 3rd place winners below! All 4 winners won a $25 dollar Amazon gift card and are striving for the overall win – which is a $100 Amazon card!

Weight Loss Challenge Winners Week 1:        Weight Loss Challenge Week 2:

1st Chris Kendig – 6.78%                                                 1st Adrian Radu – 2.1%
2nd Shayna – 5%                                                               2nd Matt Martinez – 2%
3rd Nick Jackson – 3.3%                                                 3rd Shayna – 1.8%

Steps Challenge Winners Week 1:                     Steps Challenge Winners Week 2:

1st Meena – 81,157                                                           1st Matt M. – 135,667
2nd Matt M. – 74,552                                                      2nd Emil – 133,711
3rd Renan – 58,401                                                         3rd Renan – 119,576

As you can see from above, the competition is strong – especially with the steps challenge! Spigot, Inc. participants bet 35$ each and have to lose at least 4% of their body weight to get the money back! We are also looking forward to our Spigot, Inc. 5k at the end of February! Good luck to everyone at Spigot, Inc. next week!

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