January 17, 2020
Christian Biron

A Look into Spigot, Inc. Company Culture

“Train employees so they can leave, Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” – an awesome quote by Richard Branson. Spigot, Inc. has many things to offer, but our BIGGEST asset is our employees, and we believe this quote sums up our company culture extremely well. Not only does Spigot, Inc. “train” their employees – but they give everyone a huge opportunity to learn and to grow within the organization. We have very minimal process, so employees are granted the freedom, not only to express their ideas, but actually put them into action. Spigot, Inc. employees are also given the opportunity to fail. We know “failure” in the work place isn’t something most people are used to being accepted, but Spigot, Inc. knows – that is the only way to grow. Everyone gets the chance to take risks, fail, learn from their mistakes and come up with a better “game-plan” or solution next time. Just this concept alone breeds employee happiness. Employees getting the opportunity to also achieve big wins and successes (along with failure) give them the confidence to make business decisions and earn respect from peers and executives in the organization.

On top of this, we all structure the teams by business unit instead of by position or department. We have Media Buyers, Business Analysts and Developers/Engineers on every team (or in every business) and they all work collaboratively on their specific product. This way – every individual is actually contributing to the bottom line of our business.

Spigot, Inc. has a ton of perks on a professional level – we invest in our employees and make sure they are on the path to growth. On top of all of this, Spigot, Inc. also provides perks to take the “leg-work” out of everyday tasks. We stock our office with a ton of snacks (on request by employees), beer, fancy coffee, cold brew coffee on tap, bagels for breakfast, an entire fridge full of soft-drinks and (OBVIOUSLY) La Croix. We offer free lunch twice a week (with left-overs for the rest of the week), team-building trips, pop-up parties and beer-pong on Friday afternoons. The office is also fully stocked with games; Huge flat screens with Nintendo Switch & Xbox, Darts, Foos Ball, Ping Pong, Connect Four, Hungry Hungry Hippos (lol) and Spigot branded corn hole. We believe that breaks are necessary (and we’re all super competitive) so we’re encouraged to take breaks and play games. We are offered a flexible work schedule, no one has specific times they need to come in the office or leave, getting our work done – and doing it well is top priority, not how long employees sit in their seats.

We also work heavily with FGCU to hire talented interns and turn them into successful employees. Most of our interns have gotten full-time positions here and have grown in their career.

Spigot, Inc. company culture makes employees WANT to come to work everyday. We have an extremely low “turn-over” rate and a large handful of employees who have made it over 10 years. Spigot, Inc. is truly a family – we all hang out inside and outside of work and relocating is easy, because it’s a great place to make friends! Check out our Linkedin Life page to see more about our culture, benefits and employees.

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