January 8, 2020
Christian Biron

Successful (Maybe the Best One Yet) Spigot, Inc. Holiday Party!

Almost every Spigot, Inc. employee in attendance, giant light-up robots, fog machines, AMAZING Service at Cavo Lounge, a photobooth, delicious food (and even macaroons!) made for an unforgettable Spigot, Inc. Holiday Party! It’s a challenge to get everyone from Spigot, Inc. in the same place at the same time, ESPECIALLY with their significant others – so once a year we have a huge blow-out where Spigot, Inc. employees can bring a guest to, and eat and drink on us.

This year’s party was a HUGE success, almost 120 people attended Cavo Lounge in Naples around 7pm. Everyone was greeted with amazing service, cocktails and horderves following quickly. Cavo sectioned off the VIP area so we had somewhere for our bottles, food and (Of Course) dancing. Cavo lit champagne bottles on fire and Spigot, Inc. employees had funny costumes. The party was only supposed to last until 10pm, but in true Spigot, Inc. fashion – we all stayed much later! Several Spigot, Inc. employees made a vacation out of it and stayed at the Inn at Pelican Bay in Naples for the night!

The Spigot, Inc. holiday party was an amazing way to kick off the holiday season and the new year! It was extremely fun to get to know new employees better; as well as spend time with employees significant others and friends in their lives.

Spigot, Inc. truly appreciates their employees and is a strong advocate for employee happiness. We try everything we can to make sure our employees know one another, enjoy each other’s company and know they are appreciated. If this type of environment is somewhere you think you would thrive – Spigot, Inc. would love to chat with you!

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