December 19, 2019
Christian Biron

Spigot, Inc. judges FGCU Entrepreneurial Contest

Three Spigot, Inc. employees got the awesome opportunity yesterday to judge the FGCU Entrepreneurial contest in the Emergent Technology Institute Building. FGCU has an amazing program for young adults with a passion and drive to be an Entrepreneur called, The Runway Program. According to their website, The FGCU Runway Program is a free business incubator open to students and alumni that are accepted into the program. Currently located off campus at the FGCU Emergent Technologies Institute Building, participants have access to two 1,300 ft2 shared work spaces, computers, cameras, audio equipment, design and development software, and regular mentoring fromt heir expert faculty, staff, and community startup coaches.

Participants are required to regularly meet with assigned Runway Program Advisers to receive feedback on ideas and progress, in addition to setting goals towards launching their venture. The Runway Program follows the Lean Start-Up methodology. Participants identify and validate the existence of a problem or opportunity, and then develop solutions and a plan that they can test on real people. At the end of the 16-week program, student participants have the opportunity to pitch for equity-free seed funding to launch their businesses.

The program has come to an end and all the students got put in different rooms for a “Shark Tank” style presentation. Spigot, Inc.’s Connor Grevel, Ben Tucker and Sean Henry sat in the judges seat and saw all kinds of creative business ideas. From Bio-degradable sunscreen, YouTube Channels, Positive rap artists, and online organizing tools to name a few. It was a great experience for our Spigot, Inc. employees and the students, especially students with advertising campaigns. Spigot, Inc. was able to not only understand their product, but give them a few pointers on how to better run traffic for their business.

Our involvement with FGCU, specifically the Entrepreneurial college has been extremely beneficial for both our business and their students. 1/4 of Spigot, Inc. employees are FGCU Alumni and we are looking forward to judging more contests and continuing to hire students!

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