December 9, 2019
Christian Biron

Spigot, Inc. Mobile Team Celebrates Their Next Goal with a Visit from Kevin the Dog!

Spigot, Inc. loves celebrating small wins and goal benchmarks! Over a year ago the Spigot, Inc. Mobile Team was promised if they hit a certain number in revenue they would be able to get a visit from our Graphic Designer’s dog, Kevin (Yes, he has a human name). Kevin appears in the Mobile Team’s daily e-mail update, so it only made sense he come in and celebrate with the team! Kev brightened everyone’s day by sitting in meetings, rolling around the carpet, sitting at Spigot, Inc. employees desks and even eating lunch with everyone! The day he came in Spigot, Inc. happened to have Currie’s food truck catering lunch and they threw him some food from the window!

Celebrating goals and wins is extremely important to Spigot, Inc.! Not only does it make employees feel appreciated, but it motivates them to continue to do the awesome work they are doing! We are extremely thankful for everyone that works here and the opportunity to celebrate in all different ways with one another! Stay tuned for our next celebration!

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