October 7, 2019
Christian Biron

Spigot, Inc. Visits Rosy Tomorrow’s!

Spigot, Inc. employees are always going on some kind of adventure – and last week our Push Team got the opportunity to take a trip into North Fort Myers to Rosy Tomorrow’s heritage farm for lunch. All of the food is served fresh straight from the animals and plants raised on the farm. Not only is their food delicious, but they pair it with the seasons so the crew got to experience all of their fall dishes, along with their amazing wines and desserts. Usually our team events include some type of competition and games, but this time it was a nice change of pace to just mingle outside with the team and enjoy the weather and animals (But don’t worry, everyone came back to the office and played a super competitive game of darts).

One of the best parts about working for Spigot, Inc. is the opportunity we have for collaboration and team building. We love celebrating small and big wins and just showing appreciation for all the hard work our employees put in. Team building trips, dinners, lunches and just fun in the office are a big part of our success. Of this culture is something you think you would be a good fit for, we would love to speak with you!

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