October 4, 2019
Christian Biron

Spigot, Inc. Career Fair Was a Success!

Yesterday, Spigot, Inc. attended the FGCU Career Fair in the Cohen Center and it was a success. We met a ton of students that could be potential fits for our organization and will most likely receive an internship. We met students from all different colleges and different points in their lives. We had a ton of great conversations and gave out almost all of our swag! We just updated our logo – so we updated all of our giveaways and had a ton of stuff to give out, including drawstring backpacks, portable chargers, White Claw koozies, Red Bull (always) and phone wallets.

We love our relationship with FGGU and the opportunity we are given to recruit talented students from the university. Roughly 1 out of 4 Spigot, Inc. employees are FGCU Alumni and we just keep gaining more! 

Interested in an opportunity? We’d love to speak to you! Send your resume and cover letter to careers@spigot.com for review! Check out all of our adventures on the Spigot Inc blog. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram… like us on Facebook and never miss out on the Spigot Inc lifestyle.