February 7, 2020
Christian Biron

Spigot, Inc. Tests Out the New Fort Myers Restaurant the Slurping Dragon

Today, a group of Spigot, Inc. girls tested out the new restaurant,The Slurping Dragon, in Fort Myers. Slurping Dragon is a new Ramen/Poke restaurant, and at first we were all a little apprehensive but it did NOT disappoint! Not only do they have awesome ramen soup bowls, they have a “build your own” poke bowl station and a ton of wok bowls. Everyone tried out different things – and you can just tell by the pictures, it was all delicious!

After we ate, we got the opportunity to talk to the owner and found out that he used to cater for us when he owned a different restaurant! It was great catching up with him, AND now have a new restaurant to cater Spigot, Inc.’s free lunch! The owner even told us he would hand deliver the meals himself.

Overall – the Spigot, Inc. consensus is, we love the Slurping Dragon, will definitely be back AND recommend anyone reading this should try it out! Check out their menu!

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